Frequently Asked Questions

COVID Policy

COVID-19 Precautions for Training Course Delivery and Examinations

Version 1.6  04 May 2021

For the safety of all participants in our courses, as well as instructors and examiners:

  1. We will endeavour to ensure full compliance with the currently published guidelines and advice at and ask that attendees do likewise.
  2. We will take full account of guidelines and advice specific to the education sector published at Our courses are defined as Adult and Higher Education courses for the purpose of complying with COVID-19 Regulations.
  3. All prospective attendees will be asked to complete a pre-course survey and will only be admitted to the course if this indicates low risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  4. Attendees showing symptoms or who have any concerns about possible infection must withdraw from the course immediately and inform us of their reason for doing so. Attendees who develop symptoms up to 10 days after the course must also inform us and advise us of any COVID-19 test results.
  5. To maximise the efficiency of course delivery, all attendees will be expected to engage in remote learning prior to the start of the course. In order to achieve this, we will require email addresses 7 days beforehand.
  6. Wherever possible during the on-site delivery of the course, instruction will occur outdoors. When indoors, windows will be open to maximise airflow. Attendees should dress accordingly.
  7. The sharing of equipment during the course and examinations will be avoided wherever possible. In the event that equipment must be shared, it will be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol-based sanitiser between users.
  8. The maximum number of attendees on our courses is reduced to 8. They will be divided into study groups of no more than 4 attendees in each, when indoors.
  9. A minimum distance of 4m should be maintained between study group. Ideally study groups will be in separate rooms, in close proximity to one another.  Each of the rooms should be capable of housing attendees when separated at the recommended social distance.  Where possible, an additional smaller room should be provided to accommodate 3 persons at the recommended social distance (this is used for oral/practical examinations).
  10. Tables and chairs (one per attendee in the larger classrooms and 2 tables + 2 chairs in the smaller room) will be regularly sanitised and attendees will be encouraged not to move between them.
  11. Each attendee will receive a sanitised and individually wrapped notebook and pen. They will be discouraged from sharing.  As far as possible, no other paper, books or pens will be circulated.
  12. No food or drink should be brought into the classrooms.
  13. Ample supplies of hand sanitiser, face-coverings and gloves will be provided.
  14. Masks will be worn indoors at all times.
  15. Temperature checks will be performed on all participants at regular intervals.
  16. Signage in each classroom will indicate the necessity of maintaining social distance. Hand sanitiser reminders and other notices will be in place.
  17. All attendees will receive a copy of this policy prior to the start of the course
Where are courses held?
Regular venues for the ROC and GOC radiocommunications courses are the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI), Cork and Poolbeg Marina in Dublin Port. We hold SRC courses at venues throughout the country. Our annual schedule will always include venues in Dublin and we occasionally hold courses in Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Donegal, Athlone and anywhere else there is demand. However, if you have a group we will hold the SRC or any of the navigation courses at a location convenient to you. The “classroom” could be a local function room or your clubhouse – as long as there is sufficient room, light, heat and a power supply, we can bring the course to you!
What do I bring with me?
If you are taking the Department of Transport SRC, LRC, ROC or GOC exams, you must bring your valid passport or birth certificate and two passport photographs. Without these you will not be admitted to the exam.
Which course should I do?

We provide a number of different courses for all types of professional and leisure sailors.

Radio courses

Leisure boats within 30 miles of the shore – SRC VHF
Leisure boats more than 30 miles from the shore – LRC
Operation of VHF on SOLAS vessels in coastal waters – ROC
Operation of VHF/MF/HF & satellite for transoceanic seafarers (SOLAS compliant) – GOC

Navigation courses

Basic knowledge of navigation and safety (motor or sail) – RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship (ONLINE)
Coastal sailing (motor or sail) – Irish Sailing Coastal Navigation for Small Boats
Coastal and offshore sailing with prior experience – RYA Coastal Skipper
Offshore sailing (higher standard) – RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

How much does it cost?
See Radio Courses or Navigation Courses. Note that rates for groups of members of RYA, Irish Sailing, CFT, Civil Defence or IRCG/RNLI volunteers will be at a reduced rate.
What do the fees cover?
Tuition and all course materials. Where applicable, the fees will also cover examinations and Department of Transport fees. They do not cover accommodation and meals.
Will you provide a course for my group?
Yes, we are happy to provide a course for your group (of between eight and twelve people). Please phone to discuss your requirements.
I got my certificate some time ago and would like a refresher course. Do I have to do the whole course again?
You are welcome to attend any of our courses to update your skills. If you are not taking the exams, the cost of the course will be reduced accordingly.
Is there any preparation I can do before coming on my course?
For most courses, we will send you a small amount of homework before the course, to ensure that everyone in the class is starting from the same baseline.
How do I find your Training Centre?
Directions for our training centre will be sent to you when you register for a course.
Do you provide accommodation?
While we do not provide accommodation, we do have list of approved accommodation providers in the locations we visit. Please ask!
Can I purchase a voucher for a gift?
Yes, you can purchase a voucher at any time for any of our courses, simply visit the course page and select which course you would like to give as a gift. As you proceed through the payment process, simply type in “Voucher” in the Note section of the final payment page. We will then send the voucher to you via post.