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Long Range Certificate (LRC)

The Long Range Certificate (LRC) gives offshore recreational sailors and transoceanic yacht crews knowledge of MF/HF and INMARSAT – C / Fleet 77 systems, as well as VHF.  This qualification is the minimum required for vessels operating offshore.  Accredited by the Irish Department of Transport, the course is held over 4 days. Fee (including course materials, exams and Dept of Transport cert):    € 445

Who this course is for: Anyone that operates a radio on a recreationalcraft, passenger boat or fishing vessel more than 30 miles from the coast.

Every vessel that is equipped with MF/HF radio or a GMDSS-compliantsatellite transceiver must carry at least one marine radiooperator with this minimum qualification.

Length of course: This course is held over 4 days.

Objective: To gain the skills and knowledge to confidently and correctlyoperate Inmarsat C/Fleet 77 satellite and VHF/HF/MF radio equipment, including Digital Selective Callings (DSC), EPIRB, SART, and NAVTEX.

Assessment: There are two written exams and two oral exams.

Successful candidates will receive a Long Range Certificateissued by the Irish Department of Transport and recognised worldwide.


Although not essential, it is preferred that candidates already hold a SRC.

Format of the course: Prior to the course, candidates are given course notes and are encouraged to access our online simulator.  During the class, each student will have hands-onpractice with our classroom GMDSS simulator, as well as plenty of practical experience with EPIRBs, SARTs, and NAVTEX.


  • Types of communications
  • Types of stations
  • Radio frequencies
  • Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
  • GMDSS structure
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Maritime Safety Information (MSI), NAVTEX, Inmarsat C
  • VHF radio installation
  • MF/HF radio installation
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
  • Antennas, interfacing and power sources
  • Distress, urgency, safety communications
  • Protection of distress frequencies
  • Procedures/practical operation of Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
  • Alerting, communication and locating signals
  • Radiotelephony procedures - Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
  • Regulations for VHF/MF/HF communications

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